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Why sell on ClicksMart Limited?

Our Merchant Program is geared towards, but not limited to, helping young entrepreneurs propel their business and build awareness of their products. Our goal is also to build a network where the citizens of Trinidad can source products easily and in a timely manner when needed.

Seller features

Reach More Customers

Feature your products on our website to reach a wider audience. Get more eyes on you products. This is useful sellers whose location does not have a high daily pedestrian flow.

Easy Delivery Options

We outsource delivery to the top delivery companies based on the location and time-frame of the order. You can also choose to complete delivery yourself if you like.

Manage Your Online Shop

Set up your online shop and start selling. Manage your inventory and prices. Get sales 24/7 and build a community of your customers. Create and run promotions and sales.

What's the process?

Order Placed

When an order is placed both the Seller and ClicksMart gets notified.

Order Fulfillment

Once the Seller marks the order as fulfilled then the package is picked up usually the next day.


Order is picked up and delivered to the customer the same day or next day depending on location.

Transfer of Funds

Funds are transferred the following week once the spreadsheet of orders completed is confirmed


50 orders
Technical Support
1 Free Blog Submission
5% order processing fee


100 orders
Technical support
2 Free Blog Submissions
1 Free Mass Email
3% order processing fee


Unlimited orders
Custom Store Page
4 Free Blog Submissions
1 Free Mass Email
Free Social Media Mgt (Lite)
1% order processing fee

Reading Material

From you Order Confirmation Email scroll to the bottom of the email....
Welcome to the ClicksMart Family. We are glad to have...

frequently asked questions

What is the order processing fee?
The order processing fee is deducted from each sale.
Who will be handling deliveries?
Delivery will be spread across different delivery companies. Each will be selected based on the location of the delivery and the payment method.
When will funds be sent to me?
Remittance spreadsheets will be sent every Monday and once confirmed by the seller the funds will be transferred.
 What happens if I cross 50 orders on the Free plan?
After you have reached your order limit you will still be able to process orders. Each additional order will be $2TT per order.
 How will I know if a package is delivered?
You will be able to check it an order is delivered from the "orders" tab in the seller portal.
 How long does delivery take?
Delivery usually takes 2-3 business days.
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